Science Center NEMO

Heijmerink Wagemakers has created the exhibition Everybody in science center NEMO (designed by NorthernLight). The exhibition shows in an attractive way the technological innovations in the field of electric transport and takes a look at a sustainable future with electric cars, smart grids and their own, sustainable, clean energy generation.

Center of the exhibition is the first series-produced fully electric-powered family car Nissan Leaf; car of the year 2011. That electric transport already has a long history, is made clear on the basis of a timeline.

It contains a number of historical objects from the NEMO heritage collection, such as a 1974 witkar and an electric bicycle from 1933.

In addition, the visitor can view various charging stations for electric vehicles from home and abroad in the exhibition. With the increase in the number of electric cars, a smart grid (smart electricity network) will be needed in the future to distribute all electricity consumption throughout the day. The digital metropolis maquette shows this in an interactive way. In addition, visitors to the exhibition see devices that become interesting with the emergence of a smart grid for private individuals.

Examples of this are: a washing machine that decides on the basis of electricity prices when entering into a small windmill that can be installed on the roof of houses.

CLIENT: Science Center NEMO
DESIGN: NorthernLight
ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers