MAS – Museum aan de Stroom (Life and Death)

The ‘Museum aan de Stroom’ (MAS) is the newest and largest museum in Antwerp. It’s actually more than a museum: a 60 meter tall building with museum halls, a watch depot, a prestigious temporary exhibition, a vertical town gallery, a panorama deck, a studio, a Michelin 2 star restaurant, a museum café, a museum square and four pavilions.

Heijmerink Wagemakers has realized in good cooperation with B-architects and Meyvaert the exhibition ‘Life and Death‘ on the 7th floor. In order to present the art collection as a theatre, show cases with large dimensions (7 meters cross-cut and over 4 meters tall) have been constructed. Unique for these show cases is the fact that no profile and/or profile hang and hinges are visible.

Also the lighting is expertly integrated out of sight.
The cylindrical shutters and curtain walls give the impression of a theatre. An experience exhibition has been created by using this methodology.
Eric Sleichim van Bl!ndman was appointed to compose specific music per thematic exhibition.

As with movies the story of this exhibition is supported by this music. Studio Tom Hautekiet in cooperation with B-architects was appointed to design the graphical part per thematic exhibition. A visit to the MAS is a true experience and much more than just a visit whereby information is presented.

CLIENT: Meyvaert
DESIGN: B-Architecten
PHOTOGRAPHY: Filip Dujardin