Water company Pidpa – Hidrodoe

Pidpa is one of the largest Flemish water companies. Hidrodoe is the educational center of Pidpa: the place where young and old can discover the wonderful world of water. You can launch your own hydrogen rocket, manufacture an enormous vortex in no time, water soccer, visit a Roman bathhouse or put your head between the fish.

Heijmerink Wagemakers acquired the challenging assignment to give the existing river of Hidrodoe a totally new look and feel. The obsolete plastic waterway made way for a stainless steel construction with running water.

Along the banks of the river, the effects of water can be experienced in twelve new exhibits. This way you can generate energy with a water wheel and see what happens when you open or close a lock. There are also real harbors and there is a port crane on scale, with which containers can be moved from ship to land and vice versa.

For our company, the engineering and realization meant a technical challenge as we like it. Hidrodoe is located in Herentals, just east of Antwerp. The new river has been flowing since autumn 2015.

CLIENT: Pidpa, België