Tourism Limburg (The spotter changes the outlook)

The spotter is a mix between a periscope, a compass and a totem pole. This makes it possible to look in the distance, find orientation and substantiate stories. The spotter can turn 360º and turn over both horizontally and vertically.

The spotters examine through an eye in the camera the surroundings and project audiovisual programs of objects when pointing the camera to the objects.

Pictures appear and stories come to life creating a relation between the objects and the visitor. History appears. An empty square shows an annual festivity, on a façade an historical picture with an anecdote from past century, on a bicycle track appears a guide giving various travel tips in the vicinity and a polder in summertime is transferred into a winter landscape.

CLIENT: Toerisme Limburg
DESIGN: Antenna-Men
REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers