Stadtmuseum Stuttgart

In ‘die Kinderbaustelle im Stadtlabor’, children discover the themes of building, city and architecture in a playful way and create their city of the future. Individually or in small groups.

In 2017, four agencies were invited to design an exhibition for children aged 5-12 years for the atrium of the future Stadtmuseum Stuttgart. Pronk presented the winning sketch plan and invited Heijmerink Wagemakers to realize the design.

In the Stadtlabor BAU MIT, children with a construction helmet get to work. They receive their personal assignment from a centrally located advertising pillar. This is equipped with a wheel of fortune and instructions. Roll up your sleeves, because the time is running!
Everything is there to build your own city: carpet with all kinds of nice prints, pallets stacked with self-folding boxes in all sizes.

A few hundred foam blocks that are different in color and print and with which you can create a beautiful structure.
Two large billboards and a voice over from the advertising column give tips and directions.

When the city is built, the children take place and a light show follows: ‘their’ city awakens and comes to life.
Perhaps the best thing is saved for the end: a wrecking ball on a cable with which you throw the city you built into shatter again!

Heijmerink Wagemakers has engineered and produced the children’s construction site and installed it on site. In April 2018, Stadtlabor BAU MIT! festively opened.

CLIENT: Stadtmuseum Stuttgart
ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers