Princess Máxima Center

The Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht is a special hospital. This nationwide top center fights 100% against childhood cancer and at the same time provides development-oriented care. That is why there are plenty of diversion and movement spaces for the patients throughout the hospital; places where children can play, move, discover, and learn.

Heijmerink Wagemakers was commissioned by (experiential environment) designer MMEK’ and the Princess Máxima Center for the development and realization of the more than forty special play and learning areas. The exhibits consist of all kinds of objects, ranging from a mechatronically operated building crane to a balancing tower of Pisa. From scratch areas to chill benches, which are equipped with a wide variety of digital gadgets.

There is also a Science Discovery Center. Here children – under supervision and together with their parents – get a picture of their illness and what to do about it.

In a lab environment they can do all sorts of experiments themselves and there is ‘dummy’ treatment equipment, such as an MRI scan. Here they experience easily how it is to be in a real MRI scan later on. The special target group made this project extra special for us; the involvement in the world of these vulnerable children and the accompanying condition that everything we realized had to meet a tight schedule of requirements.

Our attention therefore went – even more emphatically than usual – to the perfect shape and choice of materials. From 18 May 2018 the hospital will be taken into use. Queen Máxima will organize a festive opening on 5 June 2018.

CLIENT: Prinses Máxima Centrum