Project Description

Museum Rotterdam

After having roamed for three years as a pop-up museum, Museum Rotterdam was reopened on 5 February 2016 at a new, permanent location: in the Timmerhuis. Three large presentations take the visitor on a voyage of discovery through Rotterdam of the past, the present time and the future. An experience for the city tourist and a feast of recognition for the seasoned Rotterdammer!

The exhibition ‘Rotterdammers and their city’ is already talked about: you get to know the people behind the skyline. Life-size, ordinary Rotterdammers with a special passion are literally standing on a pedestal, in the spotlight. In the ‘History of the city’ you make a special journey through the time. Showcases in the form of sea containers show the port city in seven periods. ‘The new city’ represents the belief in the future that characterizes Rotterdam. A gigantic, old model of the future shows a dream city of urban designers.

An eleven-meter-high work of art built with collection pieces from the reconstruction period, forms a dynamic monument for the resilient city.

Heijmerink Wagemakers has managed the complete process of creating the museum – from design phase to the opening. We have also technically developed and realized the entire establishment. From an empty room to a decorated museum, including all necessary facilities. We took care of quality, planning and budget, so that the museum team, together with the designers (Pronk, Danielle van der Waard and Studio Spass), could focus on developing the design and content.

CLIENT: Museum Rotterdam
DESIGN: PronkDanielle van der WaardStudio Spass en Museum Rotterdam

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