Project Description

Museum Prinsenhof Delft

With the presentation ‘Framing Vermeer by Menno Otten’, Museum Prinsenhof Delft brings back the masterpiece ‘Letter Reading Girl by Window’ by Johannes Vermeer in the city where it was created three and a half centuries ago.

But this time in a contemporary version – created by the filmmaker Menno Otten – as an ode to the innovative power and visual power of Delft’s most important master in the Golden Age.

The letter reading girl is at the center, but the real protagonist is the light of Vermeer, captured – and liberated – by Menno Otten. Heijmerink Wagemakers has built this small, intimate exhibition.

CLIENT: Museum Prinsenhof Delft
DESIGN: Menno Otten
REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers

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