Museum De Voorde

The old City Museum Zoetermeer closed its doors forever in November 2018. In mid-April 2019 a completely new museum opened at a new location in the city center of Zoetermeer: ​​Museum De Voorde (voorde means connection). The opening exhibition “These are we” is about six generations since the World War II until now.

Through various interactive elements visitors discover what generations have in common and what distinguishes them from each other.
Museum De Voorde connects people who might not come naturally into contact with each other.

It is the only museum in the Netherlands about lifestyle and daily life since the 1950s. From Elvis to Beyoncé and from people-to-be-you-not to pinballs … everything comes by!

Heijmerink Wagemakers was commissioned for the technical development and realization of the exhibition design that comes from XPEX. A nice challenge, the content of the exhibition also gave our employees a lot of pleasure. For example, consider a Puch Maxi that had to be attached to the ceiling!

CLIENT: Museum De Voorde