Musea Zutphen

Former city palace Hof van Heeckeren is the new housing for the Stedelijk Museum Zutphen, Museum Henriette Polak and the archaeological service. History, culture, visual art and current affairs are now together under one roof! The basement and ground floor of the monumental Hof van Heeckeren are filled with stories about the rich past of Zutphen. From Viking experience and medieval masterpieces to recent history.

The first floor is entirely dedicated to the beautiful art collection of Museum Henriette Polak with works by Kees Verwey, Charlotte van Pallandt, Wim Oepts and Arie Schippers. Heijmerink Wagemakers received the design and build assignment for the complete exhibition of the merging museums in Zutphen. We started the pitch in collaboration with design agency Pronk.

Our project manager Maan het Lam: “The creation of the new museum has been a tough challenge for all parties involved: two museums had to come together, both organisationally and in terms of presentation, challenging for Pronk to set up an innovative concept in which both collections come into their own.

For us a challenge to close all the ranks within the construction team and to keep the lines short, to realize all wishes within planning, budget and of course with quality. If you also consider that the design for the basement has ten tons of steel processed, you can imagine that the realization for us also was pretty challenging! “.

CLIENT: Gemeente Zutphen