Markiezenhof (Showcase in 19th century blanket box)

One of the top pieces in the newly restored prison gate of Bergen op Zoom is an 18th century children’s jacket. It is not much bigger than an A4 and made of wool and linen. Perhaps the jacket was once worn by one of the jailer’s children: he lived with his family in the prison. The children’s jacket was patched numerous times and in the end someone used it to seal an annoying draft hole.

There it was found in the twentieth century during maintenance work. For the vulnerable jacket Heijmerink Wagemakers made an airtight showcase in which the relative humidity is kept constant with (invisible) ProSorb casettes. A movable valve ensures that the light load is reduced to a minimum. The display case was built into a 19th-century blanket box.

CLIENT: Het Markiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom
ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers