Make a Wish

An iconic Airstream caravan from 1974 has been transformed into a special snoezing area at Heijmerink Wagemakers. Make a Wish Foundation commissioned us to strip the Airstream caravan completely and to convert it into a climate-controlled space in which sensory stimulating objects are installed. A waterbed forms the basis, surrounded by sensory LED lighting, a mirror with depth tunnel effect, and so on.

The exterior was given a completely new, eye-catching jacket. The casing of the vintage Airstream is round and warped, so all the furniture we built in it is custom-made. Moreover: transporting a very heavy, ‘unstable’ waterbed in a traveling caravan requires well thought-out engineering.

Foundation Make a Wish fulfills the best wishes of seriously ill children between 3 and 18 years. Some children have such a mental limitation that they themselves can not indicate what they would like. Especially for them, Make a Wish has had a touring ‘Snoezel caravan’ developed.

It contains objects that stimulate the senses through sound, images, touch, smell or taste. This leads to relaxation and has a proven positive effect. In the weekend of 22-23 September 2018, the caravan was put into use in a festive manner.

CLIENT: Stichting Make a Wish
ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers