Castle House Doorn

During the First World War (1914-1918) the Netherlands was flooded with a large stream of refugees from Germany and Belgium. Now, 100 years later, Europe and thus the Netherlands again has to contend with large numbers of refugees. Kasteel Huis Doorn – where the permanent exhibition ‘Between two fires’ depicts the history of the Netherlands during the First World War – currently brings the highly up-to-date exhibition ‘On the Run’. Here the refugee problem of 100 years ago is compared with the current situation.

Heijmerink Wagemakers developed and built the entire device, designed by Donald Janssen Ontwerpers in collaboration with Karel Buijn Vormgeving.

Via two rows of five tents an impression is given of a refugee camp. In the tents stories are visualized on the refugees in the First World War and on the other hand about the flow of people who are now fleeing mainly from the Middle East and spreading across Europe. Each tent has its own theme.

Visitors can experience whether we have learned something from the past. The exhibition in Doorn was opened to the public on 10 December 2015 and can still be seen until November 2016.

CLIENT: Kasteel Huis Doorn
DESIGN: Donald Janssen Ontwerpers
ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers