Project Description

Jewish History Museum

The permanent presentation ‘History 1600-1900’ in the Jewish Historical Museum was ready for a redesign. The exhibition is now set up on the gallery of one of the former synagogues in the museum complex. A beautiful, open space that is characterized by barrel vaults.

Studio OTW and ATELIER Alkema came up with the new exhibition design, which honors the gallery and the collection! Clean lines – respecting the original architecture of the building – and slim-constructed showcases. The play of light on the façade is also special, where the collection is brought to life through the combination of daylight and artificial light.

Heijmerink Wagemakers, in close collaboration with the designers and with the people involved in the Jewish Historical Museum, brought the preliminary design to a definitive design.

By devising smart solutions, we have been able to maintain as many details of the design as possible within the task-setting budget of the museum, without sacrificing quality and appearance. We have produced and installed the various furnishing elements.

CLIENT: Joods Historisch Museum
DESIGN: Studio OTW en ATELIER Alkema
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