Project Description


The National Jenever Museum in Schiedam – located in a former malt wine roasting and distillery – underwent a major refurbishment.

Upon arrival visitors smell the herbs and “botanicals”, the raw materials of gin, whiskey and gin. Silhouettes of buildings from the gin industry and the skyline of GinCity Schiedam form the backdrop for the first space.

With the help of old and new techniques you discover the steps in making gin. A free-standing installation of more than 350 types of Dutch gin shows how vibrant the industry is today.

On the second floor you’ll find a parade of nearly a hundred different gin advertisements and marketing expressions over the years. All around you can listen to personal stories from people from the industry who highlight the craftsmanship of gin. From the best-known distillers, bartenders up to and including customs officers.

Together with the museum team and the Tinker designers, we have succeeded in coming from design to delivery in a short lead time and within budget. A collaboration we look back on with pleasure!

CLIENT: Nationaal Jenevermuseum Schiedam
DESIGN: Tinker Imagineers
ENGINEERING en REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers

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