Cycle hangar

No locker… no bike?
Many people in cities do not have the space at home to store their bicycles safely. Parking in the street brings the risks of theft, vandalism and the influences of the weather. In The Netherlands for example every year 900,000 bicycles are stolen, 45 – 60% while parked at home (CBS, Statistics Netherlands). For many people this is even a reason not to own a bicycle.

The smartest bicycle storage
The Fietshangar offers safe and dry storage space for 5 bicycles right in front of your doorstep. We offer two models: the standard ‘Fietshangar’ for private terrains and the heavy duty ‘Fietshangar+’, which is positively tested by the Dutch Police (1 SKG star) and is suited for use in the street. Both models can be delivered in any desired RAL colour.

2 models / equal compact design
Both models are identical when it comes to shape and main measurements. The Fietshangar+ can be placed on half a parking spot (1.8 x 2.5m) and because of its compact shape and transparent sides, the Fietshangar influences the streetview no more than a parked car. You can see how to fit the standard version of the Fietshangar in your own terrain under ‘specifications’.

CO2 reduction is an important goal for many cities. Many new users of the Fietshangar buy a new bicycle, so it really helps to increase bicycle use in the city. It also helps to make neighbourhoods safer and cleaner and it facilitates social interaction between neighbours (see ‘RENT-A-SPOT’).

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