Project Description

Damen Dredging

For 75 years, the Damen group has played a leading role in the world of the dredging industry. A wide range of innovative applications are designed, developed and produced at the shipyard in Nijkerk. Powerful, robust dredgers with hydraulic or electric driven pumps, suction installations, pipe systems and other solutions that offer resistance to the many facets that dredgers have to deal with.
For potential and existing clients, Damen Dredging Equipment now brings a number of important principles of dredging on the stage, which are told through a brand experience.
MMEK ‘ was responsible for the design, Heijmerink Wagemakers developed and produced some special furniture and seven interactive exhibits.

Each and every one of them is a unique example of technology. ‘Brewing’, ‘degassing’, ‘sand fluiding’ are a few concepts that are visualized. A literal technical highlight is the exhibit in which you observe the principle of ‘vacuum limitation’: a 11-meter-high, transparent tube, shows that with a height difference of about 10 meters water can not be sucked up any further.
The penetration of soil types, moving water … there is a lot to learn from the brand experience of Damen Dredging Equipment!

CLIENT: Damen Dredging Equipment
ENGINEERING & BUILD: Heijmerink Wagemakers

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