Antlantikwall Museum Scheveningen

The Antlantikwall Museum Scheveningen has a new experience! In this experience, the visitor can visit a crew bunker that is still completely authentic. In the bunker two impressive stories are told that take place in the aftermath of the Second World War. The stories are about the V2 missiles and what damage they have caused, but also about the damage that “own troops” caused in the mistaken bombardment of the Bezuidenhout district in The Hague.

The experience is brought to life through personal testimonials that are vividly displayed in the spaces through multimedia productions using image, sound and physical effects.

In pleasant cooperation with the board of the foundation and with the MCW Creative Agency, Heijmerink Wagemakers developed the concept and took care of the further development and realization of the experience. The exposition is open since the 19th of september.

PHOTOGRAPHY: MCW Creative Agency