Animaris Rhinoceros Transport (The beast discharged)

The Animaris Rhinoceros Transport has its new home at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp since 18 May 2014. The arrival of ‘the beast’ was celebrated with the event ‘the beast discharged’ whereby the construction moved a little every half hour. The artificial animal is an offspring from the beach animal revolution of artist Theo Jansen and weighs an astonishing 2800 kilo. The kinetic piece of art has the impressive dimensions of 4,7 x 6,5 x 5 meter.

The unique feature is that only the wind or just one person can move the construction.

The technical development and realization of the Animaris Rhinoceros Transport was based on a paper model and executed in pleasant cooperation with the artist and Heijmerink Wagemakers.

DESIGN: Theo Jansen, kunstenaar
ENGINEERING & BUILD: Heijmerink Wagemakers