Public area

Together with our clients and designers, Heijmerink Wagemakers creates durable and vandal-proof (art) objects for public spaces. Objects that contribute to the appearance and identity of our living environment. Examples include light fittings in the form of UFOs for Schiphol, stylish road signs in the vicinity of castles in Gelderland province, Spotters (interactive viewing installations) in various provinces, and seating objects on top of fences for Staatsbosbeheer.

And, last but not least, a product of our own design: the Fietshangar! A compact and safe bicycle shed, hundreds of which have already been installed, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Beach animal
The gigantic Animaris Rhinoceros deserves special mention: this is one of the renowned beach creatures of artist/inventor Theo Jansen, which we developed and built with him.