Project Description

Wavin Academy

Wavin is the market leader in the field of plastic pipe systems. Whether it concerns the distribution of water and gas, heating and cooling, sewerage or cable protection: Wavin always links its relationships with innovative technologies, products and services. Hence the slogan: Connect to better! The Wavin Academy in Hardenberg is a lifelike ‘business card’ that serves as a blueprint for several Wavin Academy’s in Europe. A visit to the Academy guarantees a day full of inspiration and experience; a customer journey!

Step-by-step you learn about the mission and vision of the group and the values ​​of the Wavin brand. Subsequently, the applications of above and below ground systems produced by Wavin can be experienced in different experience rooms. Subsequently, a large diversity of systems and products is shown in an exhibit area and you can receive further instructions. A training room completes the Academy.

For Heijmerink Wagemakers, this was a project with the capital letter P. All our expertise was lost: from carrying out a feasibility study and developing the experiences to the construction of the entire design.

In November 2015, the doors of the Wavin Academy opened. Jan-Willem Viets, director Wavin NL: “The collaboration with Heijmerink Wagemakers and MMEK was very inspiring and resulted in a successful brand experience. The visitor numbers are now almost twice as high as estimated in advance! ”

Take a look through Google street view!

CLIENT: Wavin Nederland

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