Project Description

Shell Bright Ideas Hub

On February 14, the Bright Ideas Hub – part of Shell’s Generation Discover program – began its journey through five Dutch cities. Rotterdam is spearheading: this is where the hub stood on the Schouwburgplein in February 2017 for two weeks.

Primary school students from group 7 are invited per city to visit the Bright Ideas Hub; they are the scientists, technologists and inventors of the future. In the futuristic dome, the children experience an interactive and educational program of one and a half hours. A visit provides inspiration and wonder: it encourages children to think about things like energy, water and food. And about how we can maintain our level of prosperity and at the same time live a more sustainable life.

The influence of science and technology on the earth and its inhabitants is what matters. Children experience in the hub that it is not such a crazy idea to have a job in the technology, in the future.

The Bright Ideas Hub is a challenge part of the national Generation Discover program and serves as a precursor to the second edition of the festival of the same name in October 2017. With the festive opening on 14 February the tour started in the Netherlands.

Heijmerink Wagemakers is the party that has technically developed and realized the design of the Bright ideas hub. Three large, interactive tables play the leading part in the hub: inspire, amaze and create. At the tables, children explore world problems at a dynamic half globe, face the eye with a robot quiz master and build the city of the future together. All this under the guidance of a very kind, robotic hostess.

Heijmerink Wagemakers also takes care of the transport to and from the locations, the construction, dismantling and the program guidance by hosts.

CLIENT: Shell Nederland
CONCEPT & DESIGN: NorthernLight

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