Barrier shed Dieversluis

Dieverbrug in Drenthe is a junction of land and water and the place where there is a historical battleground. This has now been restored to its former glory and enriched with a visitor center and experience. Shot beams were used once every few years as ‘stand in’ when the Dieversluis needed maintenance and the lock gates had to be temporarily removed. In the intervening years the bulkheads were stored in the designated shed.

To preserve this piece of Drenth cultural history, the Dieversluis complex has been renamed an information center with a real experience.

Residents and visitors can experience the heritage, history, shipping and water management here. For example, images are displayed on two long walls, with nature on the one hand and humans on the other (lock keeper, skipper, forester). Various view boxes on both walls tell stories that come to life through photos behind the peepholes and a meter-long timeline shows the visitor how the Drenth landscape has changed over the centuries. The visitor center was festively opened on June 6, 2015.

ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers