Project Description

Project VIKA in het Prinses Maxima Centrum

Two years ago we engineered a very special project in collaboration with MMEK for the Princess Maxima Center; a hospital specified in children with cancer. This project consists of more than forty different play and learning areas, including the ‘Discovery Place’. This is where the children learn to understand their illness and what the remedies are in a playful way.

After the kids used the exhibits for two years with a lot of fun, we have been commissioned to realize a new object, also designed by MMEK! The principles of the object were designed by students of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft.

The object consists of thirty-nine hexagonal tiles that rotate on their axis and are controlled by a motion sensor. One of the specialties of this object is that the number of tiles that rotate is very big when the the child in front of the installation is small. On the other hand, the amount is a lot smaller when the child is big. This provides the necessary self-confidence for the little ones. Older children can play with the object in an interactive way.

The images below show models from the initial phase of the project.

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