Project Description


In Batavialand in Lelystad the ‘Flevowand’ was unveiled in June 2018: an embroidery with a length of 60 meters and a height of 50 cm. The unique tapestry tells the complete history of Flevoland and the former Zuiderzee area.

The initiator was inspired by the world famous embroidery of Bayeux carpet. Historically there is enough material: the history of the Biddinghuizen area starts 200,000 years before the era. A number of ladies in Biddinghuizen started in 2005 with the embroidery of the Flevowand. The last stitch was put in June 2018 by Princess Beatrix. Exactly 100 years after the Zuiderzee Act came into effect. The immense tapestry shows the history of Flevoland, from the ice age to the construction of the Marker Wadden

These islands are a continuation of the Zuiderzee project. The embroidery ends with a number of loose threads; history continues.

Batavialand and designer XPEX gave Heijmerink Wagemakers the challenging assignment for the engineering and realization of the longest air-conditioned display case in the Netherlands, in which 60-meter-long embroidery is hung. The Flevowand is surrounded by interactive presentations in Batavialand. These refer to the depicted events on the canvas and link to objects from the Batavialand collection.

CLIENT; Batavialand en Stichting De Flevowand
ENGINEERING & REALISATION: Heijmerink Wagemakers

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