With our durable bike sheds, called Fietshangars, we provide comfortable parking spaces where your bicycle is always dry and safe. One Fietshangar, intended for 4-5 bicycles, takes up one parking space. with the Fietshangar, you could storage five bikes instead of one car which stimulates cycling and thus a better environment.

Since the beginning of Fietshangar, the ‘Gemeente of Rotterdam’ has been a major customer. The ‘Gemeente’ rents out parking places to individuals to park their bicycles there. The Fietshangar represents the vast majority of the now more than 1000 bicycle sheds in Rotterdam!

We are happy to announce that we will be able to supply hundreds of Fietshangars again in the coming years! With this, the Fietshangar remains the bicycle parking solution for Rotterdam and its cycling residents, now and in the future.

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