One of our young enthusiasts is Tim! Tim is 23 years old, studies Industrial Product Design in Rotterdam and is in now working on his graduate project at Heijmerink Wagemakers. Last year, he worked here for five months at the Engineering department and now it is time for him to graduate at the same spot!

We asked him to choose four times.

Studying or graduating?

Graduating. Something I especially find rewarding is that the work I do for projects here is actually used in reality instead of made-up projects. I’ve done many projects in school but they were always fictive. Here it’s the other way around. For example, last year we were working on an interactive model for the Irish Racehorse Experience. Now it is possible to see this exposition that is displaying work I’ve participated on!

Creativity or technology?

The work I do here is engineering, but there is certainly a lot of creativity involved. Because Heijmerink Wagemakers produces so many artistic exhibitions and creative experiences, you have to be creative, even in the technical part of the process. Personally, I particularly like the work when it involves challenges in technology.

At home or at the office?

At the office. Here we always work in a project team and face to face collaboration is much easier than communicating online. There are useful platforms to make working online possible, but I’ve noticed that it works much faster if you can just visit each other to ask or discuss something. At home, I can work very focused, but that is actually also possible here. I am rarely disturbed and if I am disturbed it is for a well-deserved break with my colleagues.

Inside or outside?

I am definitely an outdoors person. I really enjoy being outside because I work at the office all day long. When the sun is shining, I prefer to grab my motorbike and go to a terrace with friends or go to the beach.

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